• Totland Quiz Walk Results (Summer 2020)

    The Totland Quiz Walk will close on the 15th September.

    Thank you to everyone for taking part in the quiz walk.
    There were 17 entries with 54 participants.
    You all donated £46.60 for the Earl Mountbatten Hospice.
    As we were new to setting the Quiz Walk we probably made the questions a little too easy, next time we shall be a bit more devious.
    Once again thank you all very much.
    Glyn and Sue Williams

    View all answers to the quiz walk questions (pdf file)

    Totland Quiz Walk Results

    1Milly’s Mob30
    3The Hares and Hound29
    3Parker and the Mermaids29
    5Fool Marks28.5
    5Geographically Misplaced28.5
    5The Pillows28.5
    5The Faux Totland Tearaways28.5
    9The Buckerroos28
    9The Boltonians28
    11Red Roaders27.5
    11Wight Whales27.5
    13Cross 27
    14The New Olds26.5
    15Two Trek Minds26
    15Five to Two26
    163rd Time Lucky25.5
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