Permanent Orienteering Courses

On the Isle of Wight there are three permanent orienteering (wayfaring) courses set out in the forests. Each course has 20+ permanent marker posts, each showing a unique number and identifying letters. These are set out in the forest, some are on paths and others are more difficult to find. Select your own route and visit as many controls as you wish.

The permanent orienteering courses aren’t just used by experienced
orienteering as training runs. Beginners find them a useful way to
perfect and hone their navigation skills. Some will use the courses to
make a walk more interesting and discover areas they might not have

You may purchase a permanent orienteering pack containing an orienteering map that has all the controls marked as numbered circles. There is also an instruction sheet with useful orienteering tips and a control card.

Permanent Orienteering packs are available for:

PARKHURST FOREST – Car Park Grid Ref. SZ480900

FIRESTONE COPSE – Car Park grid Ref. SZ558911

BRIGHSTONE FOREST – Car Park Grid Ref. SZ420845

Packs (cost £2.50 per pack) may be obtained at registration at any WIGHTO event or by calling Brian Bailey on 01983 403963.