• Cowes Quiz Walk (summer 2020) Results

    Here are the results of the Cowes in a Crisis quiz walk.
    11 teams took up the challenge with a total off 35 participants, a few less than normal.
    Thanks to all that took part & for the donations which amounted to £69.00.

    Brian walked around the route after the finishing date and found that four of the clues where no longer there or had been changed, and although some teams had the correct answer, it would not have been fair to award them points when other teams couldn’t answer correctly because they no longer existed!
    Clues to questions F J O & no7 have been excluded from the results, meaning that the maximum total is reduced to 40. The results show a high number of correct answer’s. We obviously made it to easy!
    However 1 question was not answered correct by anyone, this was question K. Totally ‘lights up’ a knight!
    Although some had answered ‘The Globe’ it was the total of bulbs in the letters OBE we required which was 29!
    Probably a little bit to cryptic!! as nobody got it.

    View all answers to the quiz walk questions (pdf file)

    Well done to the winning team 1882. ‘I would like to know why they’re called that’? for pipping our usual winners
    The Totland Tearaways by 1 point. Changing there name to The 3 Willliams might have been their downfall!

    Their own walk around Totland is now available until the 15th September for you to do. Glyn has given me a 
    copy of the map & route, looks good, if not better than mine. I would love to be able to take part myself but have
    slipped off a raised platform & broken my foot, ‘what a plonker’. Don’t know if I can get around on crutches!.

    Thanks once again for taking part, your donations along with any donations from Glyn & Sue’s walk will be forwarded to The Isle of Wight Hospice at the end off September.

    Atb Pete Bartlett & Brian Ould. 

    The Cowes in Crisis results

    View all answers to the quiz walk questions (pdf file)

    Team NamePoints
    Team 188238
    The Three Williams37
    Parker and the Mermaids37
    Red Roaders37
    The Pillows36
    Geographically Misplaced34
    Chris & Sally33
    No Hopers29
    Dilly Dilly28

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