RESULTS: Ventnor Downs 24th March 2024

Results for the orienteering event held at Ventnor Downs on Sunday 24th March 2024.

GREEN 3.6km 255m climb
1Ben WindsorM21DRONGO22:40
2Richard WindsorM60OD36:10
3Zuzania WindsorW21DRONGO46:10
4Tony TuttonM65WIGHTO91:40
SHORT GREEN 3.0km 90m climb
1Vanessa AllenW60WIGHTO33:25
2Kate BarrowW55WIGHTO35:05
3Steve TavernerM65WIGHTO38:55
4Sue WilliamsW70WIGHTO43:25
5Carol TavernerW65WIGHTO46:30
6Glyn WilliamsM70WIGHTO50:00
7Ian RalphM60WIGHTO71:20
ORANGE 3.7km 155m climb
1David WilliamsM4544:50
Katie WilliamsW45
Ruby WilliamsW15
Lola WilliamsW12
2Andrew WhithornM55WIGHTO50:10
3Goodburn Family74:40
4Sarah CoetzeeW50WIGHTO75:05
5Sally PritchettW60WIGHTO85:00
YELLOW 2.6km
1Sharon Ould & PanchoW50WIGHTO53:00
2D & F Plumbley56:30
3Anne RalphW55WIGHTO58:45
4Stephen TuttonM7569:45
5Julia SummerW60WIGHTO73:50
Christine SummerW40WIGHTO
Brian OuldM85WIGHTORetired

Planner’s Comments

The weather was favourable if blustery but at least it stayed dry.

There were a few constraints on this event most notably the ground nesting birds prevented us from using the northern & eastern parts of the area. Further I had hoped to use some of the steeper southern slopes but due to damp ground conditions this proved too dangerous. The complex area on the western part has also been overrun by gorse making it difficult to use.

With both the Green & Short Green I cut down the number of controls putting the emphasis on route choice. Due to constraints a Blue was impossible & even the Green was a bit short.

The Yellow was on the difficult side but most competitors coped ok, while the Orange was a bit longer taking the competitors down to the bowl, it was actually longer than the Green.

Thanks to all those who helped, especially Pete.


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Dan Williams
Dan maintains this website for Wight Orienteers. As a keen runner, he can sometimes be found orienteering at events on the Isle of Wight. Find out more about Dan and his running here.