• Mottistone Common 16th April 2023 RESULTS

    Comments from Trevor Ould (Planner)

    It’s been over 10 years since I last planned an event, so it was good to have another opportunity.

    To give a different perspective & to avoid a loop to get on the downs, on Blue/Red courses, I returned using the fields along Strawberry Lane.  The feedback from runners was this worked.  In the future the National Trust is looking to create permissive paths, so options could be increased for future events.

    To enable the larger scale Mottistone Common Map  to be used I shortened the Green to Short Green.  Again this seemed to be well received.

    I hope I got the controls in the right place, where the map was difficult to interpret. I ensured the controls were hung high & visible so any possible error on my part would not have had too much of an adverse effect on competitors’ times.

    Thanks to Pete for printing the maps & acting as light touch controller, Glyn for Health & Safety advice & removing stubs of an old fence and Eileen for Registration.

    Mottistone Down Results
    1Fergie GoodbournM11Wighto50:00
    2Leo GoodbournM11Wighto51:00
    3Dulcie Kernan +2W263:20Missed 7-8
    1Tim MarinerM5055:00
    2Steven RackettM55Wighto55:30
    Sue HunterW60Wighto
    Fay TosdevinW60Wighto
    3Elo Jenner& Kez GustarW8/W4556:15
    4Xav & Jeff GoodbournM14/M70Wighto57:55
    5Juliette & Christine CorreyW?Wighto58:00
    6John PlumbleyWighto77:10
    7Sally PritchettW60Wighto83:10
    8Sharon & Brian OuldW50/W85Wighto91:10
    9Iris FayW80Wighto115:00
    Graeme OuldM5566:40Missed 7
    1Glyn WilliamsM70Wighto40:50
    2Brian BaileyM75Wighto44:50
    3Carol TavernerW60Wighto45:30
    4Charlie & Karen EdwardsM/W60Wighto48:18
    5Kate BarrowW5549:05
    6Tony TuttonM60Wighto53:25
    7Sue WilliamsW70Wighto60:25
    8Nina WilliamsW50Wighto68:50
    1David & Lola WilliamsM45/W1261:30
    2David Angel & FamilyWighto93:35
    Ian BarrowM6079:10Missed 7
    1Dan WilliamsM45Wighto55:10
    2Chris PritchettM60Wighto58:35
    3Andy GachesM75Wighto82:45
    4Andrew B-WhiteM65Wighto91:20
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    Dan Williams
    Dan maintains this website for Wight Orienteers. As a keen runner, he can sometimes be found orienteering at events on the Isle of Wight. Find out more about Dan and his running here.
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