• Firestone Copse Results – 28th January 2018

    Results for the evening orienteering event held on 28th January 2018 at Firestone Copse.

    Yellow Course
     Class Time
    Jon Pearson, Kirsty Wallace, Archie, Henry & Louis
    Mixed 56.00
    Sally Parker
    W40 62.00
    Mark & Rachel Wootton, Sophie & Emily
    M/W40 70.00
    Adam Leal, Becky Stiles, Emily & Isobel Leal
    Mixed 71.00
    Kevin & Harry Stiles M50/6 72.00
    Sharon & Leona OUld
    W40/9 73.00
    Graham Ould, Louise Snow, Chloe & Jack Amies
    Mixed 74.00
    Orange Course
    Francesca Cooper
    W21 42.00
    Ruby Williams
    W9 72.00
    David, Katie, Lola Williams
    Mixed 73.00
    David Harper, Nicola & Fina Bell
    Mark, Nicola, Kev, Ali, Liam, Scarlett Downer
    Jeff, Gareth, Jake, Leo Goodbourne Mixed 102.00
    Jennie Smith & Leah Ruston W/M21 104.00
    Carole, Tome, Claudia, Xavier, Camilla, Ferguson
    Mixed 107.00
    Simon, Melissa & Oliver Edwards
    Mixed 109.00
    The Duttons
    Mixed 110.00
    Frank Winter, Leslie Curran Mixed 111.00
    Iris Fay, Christine Harmer
    Mixed 119.00
    Sue McSwiggan, Lisa Cora, Isobel Muncaster
    Green Course
    Oliver Cooper
    M21 62.00
    Glyn Williams
    M65 66.00
    Mark Sherwood
    M50 79.00
    Brian Bailey M70 82.00
    Sue Williams
    W65 97.00
    Ian Ralph
    M55 105.00
    Dave Bishop M65 120.00


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    Dan Williams
    Dan maintains this website for Wight Orienteers. As a keen runner, he can sometimes be found orienteering at events on the Isle of Wight. Find out more about Dan and his running at his blog DWilliams.xyz.
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