• Brook & Compton Downs Results – 8th October 2017

    Results for the evening orienteering event held on 8th October 2017 at Brook & Compton Downs.

    Name Club Class Time
    Andy Gaches WightO M70 59.50
    Pete Bartlett WightO M60 68.00
    Mark Sherwood WightO M55 71.04
    Glyn Williams WightO M60 71.49
    Mike Shires TVOC M40 71.50
    Brian Bailey WightO M70 76.15
    Helen Rivers GO W60 79.40
    Ben Rivers GO M70 1:45.25
    Iris Fay WightO W70 2:49.00
    Evans WightO Mixed 55.30
    R&D Shambrook WightO Mixed 69.04
    Sue Williams WightO W65 69.05
    Cox family BAOC Mixed 70.40
    Ruby Williams WightO W9 85.25
    Lola Williams WightO W6 85.25
    Downer family Mixed 97.50
    Leona Ould WightO W9 98.15
    Christine Summerfield
    WightO ? 1:46.20
    Andy Dutton WightO M55 2:04.50
    Amanda Dutton WightO W12 2:04.50
    Sam Ralph M9 51.40
    Brian Evans & Clare Mixed 85.00


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    Dan Williams
    Dan maintains this website for Wight Orienteers. As a keen runner, he can sometimes be found orienteering at events on the Isle of Wight. Find out more about Dan and his running at his blog DWilliams.xyz.
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