WIGHTO Future Events & Membership Renewal

From the club chairman.

Hi everybody & a Happy New Year to you all.

The future of Wighto has been in the balance, even before the pandemic started. Over the last few months we have staged 3 level D events. We tried to promote each of these events to running clubs around the island, hoping to attract a competitive aspect. We’ve also advertised these events via Facebook, hoping to reach a wider audience & to encourage complete novices to try out our sport. We also asked you to offer your support & help with future events.

I am pleased to say that we have seen a degree of success in the afore mentioned, especially at the Christmas event, where, not only did we have a high turn- out, but a good mix of competitive runners, beginners & regulars, with many of you offering your help for the future. I was particularly pleased for Mike who, not only, planned the courses but had spent many hours surveying & drawing a very detailed & accurate map of the area. Although the courses were slightly shorter than usual, he made some controls sites more challenging & there was a positive vibe from all those that took part.

We can now move forward & ask you to renew your membership to the club.

You will receive a membership form via a separate E Mail . We are asking you to fill out a new Membership form as our current details need updating

We are not going to increase membership renewal for 2022 . Because of the pandemic & social distancing it was easier to just charge £5.00per map at the last two events. We will now however revert back to normal registration where if you are a club member you will get a reduced rate on your entry. Entry fees will also remain unchanged.

Under normal circumstances we would traditionally be planning our winter events in forested areas, land owned or managed by Forest Enterprise. It was hoped that the first event this year would be in Firestone Copse, a favourite with the members.

However registering events at short notice with Forest Enterprise is becoming increasingly difficult, for example: It can take up to 8 weeks for them to process an application & they request that events should not be advertised till permission has been granted!!!!! Also, their fees have increased, AGAIN, regardless of how many take part at an event, be it 20 runners or 200, the fee is the same. So unfortunately we have decided that this year’s Winter & Spring events will have to be ‘out of the wood’s’.

Fortunately, registering with the National Trust is quite straight forward.

Therefore the next two events will be at:



Colour Coded level D event

Follow signs to the downs from Upper Ventnor

Registration 10.00am/ 12.00am. Starts: 10.30am / 12.00am



Colour Coded Level D event

                     Registration  & start times as above

                        Starting point to be confirmed.

Looking forward to seeing you all again soon.

Peter Bartlett [Club Chair]

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